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College essay writing can get really tedious sometimes. You have multiple assignments that you need to hand in, a job that you need to dedicate your time to because hey, bills need to be paid, and a social life that has taken a hit because your professors just won’t let you. College writing takes time and patience. Let’s face it, most of us are pretty decent students, but not all of us are great writers. College writing requires that you compile your thoughts and articulate them well. It requires you to do proper research on the study question, compile a list of references and then write your essay.

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The major types or genres of college essays are as below:

  • Descriptive essays: These are detail essays which employ facts and sensory statistics f the topic that you are writing about. You need to paint a vivid picture of a happening or event and paint that picture to the reader without skewing any facts.
  • Narrative essays: These can almost be thought of as stories. The writer pens from his/her point of view projecting emotion and detail in the experience. These essays seem easy to write but the truth is, your story telling abilities are being thoroughly tested in these essays.
  • Expository essays: Also called an analytical essay, this genre of essay writing presents your scrutiny of a subject bearing in mind the facts and characters in the story. An analytical essay is also widely used outside of literature, in other areas of academia. The reason for this is because under it, you will other sub-essays such as the cause and effect essay, the ‘how to’ essay, and the comparison and contrast essay type.
  • Argumentative essays: This genre aims to investigate and collect information, analyse all other related facts and then make an argument where there is a potential debate. For example, you may be asked to write an argumentative essay on abortion. The task requires that you look at both sides of the coin, weigh the facts, take a position and then argue out that position based on those facts.
  • Persuasive essay: In these essays, you have already taken a position on a debate or argument, and are now tasked with convincing the reader about it. You should be able to apply facts, logic and reasoning to your position as well as invoking multiple examinations and expert opinions. You can think of it in terms of a court setting, where both the plaintiff and the defendant take a position and defend those positions using evidence.
  • Reports: While not strictly an essay, reports are quite common in college writing and you may even be tasked to write at least fortnightly. Its outline is more formal in nature and its content is usually to present a case study or some other work situation. For example, you may visit a local industry or water treatment plant and then be asked to write a technical report of that visit. Report writing, therefore, is mostly devoid of emotion and emphasizes a business-like nature.

As you can see, there are multiple genres that you need to know about and pulling off an essay in college is no easy task. You might be a great writer but not necessarily the best researcher. Or you may be a great writer for a page or two and the document requires you to write 10 pages. In this case, you need the services of professional writers such as ourselves. Buy papers online for college at some of the best prices online and start seeing multiple benefits. Get a college essay writer who knows what they are doing and who will help you into the upper echelons of academic writing.

Tips and Tricks on How to Write a College Essay

Writing any of the above essay requires you to keep certain things in mind.

  • Stick to the title and topic, and let that guide your content writing. Bungling an essay is easy if you don’t do due diligence on what you are writing about. It is easy to veer off course than stay on track. Before writing any essay, make sure to do research on the topic, write an outline or a draft and the start writing once you have compiled your thoughts.
  • Depending on the essay type don’t get too personal or too emotional. The one probable exception to this admission essays and personal statements, but even these have their limits. Avoid 2nd person addresses in the form of ‘you’, and try to keep the discussion level headed, letting your reader make their own decision rather than trying to force an opinion on them.
  • Give yourself time to write your essay. Most folks are overly corky when it comes to writing essays, assuming that they can write a really good essay in just a couple of hours. Wrong. If you are writing essays that need research, dedicate time to research and writing. You need to proofread your essay and you need a third party or independent eye to skim through your essay and give you an opinion about it. In the case of application essays and scholarship essays, you need time to write multiple drafts and review them. Avoid procrastination at all costs.
  • Follow instructions, to the last letter. If your professor needs you to write a certain number of words, do just that. If a certain writing style, typeface or citation technique is required, adhere to that. Don’t lose grades because of ignorance.
  • Project your voice. An essay sounds authentic if you write it the way you’d normally talk or have a conversation.

There are other factors to consider when writing college papers. However, keeping these in mind will ensure you have a benchmark for success.

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