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Most students struggle with writing assignments because it is quite difficult to express yourself clearly and articulate your thoughts in just a few words. Whether essays, theses, dissertations, personal statements or coursework, writing can get really challenging and that’s why some would opt for a writing service such as ours. A lot of times as students, we simply lack the time to do some of our most important writing assignments. Maybe you are trying to balance a job and your studies at the same time. Maybe all of the activity in your school life is draining your energy and you can’t give your thesis or dissertation your full attention.

Our writing service gives you the full opportunity to access a professional writing team consisting of writers and editors, and with it a wide array of resources that you can use to better your writing.

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Our writing covers all types of papers and disciplines. We have covered Medicine, Tech, Engineering, Literature, Religious studies and dozens of other disciplines and subjects. Since our service began, we have written thousands of papers for students looking for a company they can rely upon. If you are writing an important paper such as a college application, then it is imperative that you get a service that you can trust in your corner. College applications and personal statements are challenging for most people to write because writing from a first-person perspective is extremely difficult. With such a document, you need to leave a lasting first impression and there might be no second chances. Admissions officers are very meticulous and they will not miss even the slightest detail on your application. Use a service that puts your application at par with the very best and let us help you get noticed.

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We have written thousands of papers for students from all over the world and we have years of experience writing papers like these. For application essays, we have written the following types of papers:

  • Med school admission essays
  • MBA admission essays
  • College application essays
  • Graduate school admission essays
  • Personal statements

Judging by all the reviews that we’ve gotten; our success rate is amazing. Dozens of students have gotten admission into the best 20 universities and colleges in the US and hundreds of others have been admitted into prestigious institutions all around the world.

Our custom writing service also offers other papers such as:

  • We have expertise on different types of essays, whether narrative, descriptive, argumentative or otherwise. Our essay experts have written all types of essays and we have the recipe for success that you might be looking for.
  • Theses: Are you a college or grad student who has already embarked on the final journey to getting your degree or Master’? Writing a thesis is one of the most pivotal points of any academic journey. You need to be able to adhere to all the rules of writing such documents and the rules might be strict. Referencing and citation are extremely important parts of such writeups. We have experience writing in multiple citation styles including Harvard, Turabian, MLA, Chicago among others.
  • Dissertations: Writing a big document like this takes a whole lot out of you. Not to worry, we have spent thousands of hours perfecting dissertation writing. We help you create the outline, the structure and the proposal. The most common structure used is that of the Title page, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Contents Page, Introduction, Literature Review, moving all the way down to the conclusions, recommendations, references and appendices.
  • Personal statements: When you are doing a major application for a scholarship, an admission opportunity or a new school you may need to write a personal statement. The document needs to be highly evocative, and that’s why you need professionals to do the writing for you. A good personal statement will get you noticed; a great one will get you admitted.
  • Coursework writing: Different subjects or units may require you to do term assignments and other forms of coursework writing. We offer you the opportunity to access professional writers who have gone through the same college process and who are themselves professionals in different disciplines.

We also offer an article writing service, whether for your website, blog or for a school magazine. Whatever topic you need the article to be written on, and whatever length you need it to be in, we’ve got you covered.

We offer tons of other papers that you might find useful, either for your studies or your applications. We’ve specialized in writing assignments and we have a man for any job that you have in mind.

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Our service offers a ton of writing services that everyone will find useful. We have something for high school students, college and undergraduate students, graduate and Masters students, going all the way up to doctoral candidates.

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  • Cheap essay writing service: We have some of the best prices that you will find for writing companies anywhere online. Our prices are flexible and depend on the complexity of the assignment, the time duration required and other after sales services that you may require apart from just writing. Aside from great prices, we also offer added bonuses and discounts that we hope you will find attractive. You can use these to pay for other papers or services that we offer you.
  • Professional and expert writers: Our writers are some of the best in the business. All of them have at least a first degree and most of them have a second or graduate degree. They have been through the educational process and they understand what it means to be a student who needs an assignment under pressure. We write in the language that you desire, although English is the primary method of communication that we use. You can choose a preferred writer if you so wish if you have used our service severally or if you need a select service. We have general writers, advanced writers, senior writers and premium writers. Their prices all vary depending on the work being done.
  • Confidentiality: We value your privacy, and we make a deliberate effort to make sure that we give you the privacy that you desire. We know just how sensitive having someone do your work for you is. We also know just how much we need to be weary when we share information on the net. We don’t store any of your information in our servers, other than the details of your order information and customer ID. In fact, we never even need to know your name. Any business or transaction between us is completely anonymous.
  • Originality: We make sure that all our papers are original and zero-plagiarized. Plagiarism is a grave academic offence, especially for important papers such as thesis, dissertations and personal statements. That’s why we take your work through a series of checks, both manual and automatic to make sure that all the rules are adhered to. We make sure our writers are thoroughly tested before they join our team and we select the best writer before giving them any job. If your paper is in say, the Medical field, we select a writer with a history in the same field. That way, papers become effortlessly authentic.
  • Preferred writer support: If you have a very complex project to write, or maybe you are a repeat customer and have gotten used to the style of writing of a specific writer, feel free to request them again for your assignment. If the order is urgent, we are flexible enough to try and assign the selected writer to you.
  • Flexible payment solutions. You can choose what you are most comfortable with to pay for our services, where PayPal, cards or efts. Whatever makes you most comfortable.
  • We beat tough deadlines. Trust us, we can finish an essay in just a couple of hours, whereas it might take you a few days to do the same. We focus on skilled, quality and fast writing and we make it our struggle to beat those fast deadlines for you.
  • Other numerous study resources.

Aside from that, we have a wonderful QAD team that is always available to assist you if you need them. You can reach them on hotline, email or through our chat window at the bottom of the page. We constantly update you on the progress that your paper is making and adjustments are sent to you immediately. Our professional writing services are available for everyone and our mission is to transform average writers into brilliant students through personalized help.

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